Welcome To Our Farm!

Greek Family Farm is a fully vertically organized model enterprise of bio cheese products made from sheep’s milk. It was established in 2000 in Almiros, Mangesia, located in central Greece.
GREEK FAMILY FARM (KTINOTROFIKI MAGNISIAS) produces the best, highest quality feta in Greece. We use only the best quality milk from pastures selected on basis of our strict and defined requirements. With a selected team of scientists who monitor every aspect of the cheese-making process, ensuring the implementation of total quality control from the raw material to the finished product.

From Our Family to Yours

The tradition and acumulated experience of our ancestors are carried forward from generation to generation and in combination with specialized knowledge, advanced technological equipment and innovative methods, enabled Family Farm to produce high quality organic cheese products.


Feta P.D.O.

Made exclusively from sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep’s-goat’s milk with up to 30% goat milk

Organic Feta P.D.O.

Produced from 100% of organic sheep’s milk or a mixture of organic sheep’s and organic goat’s milk

Feta Less Salt

Authentic feta pdo with rich taste and aromas and 50% less salt!

Sheep Cheese Light

Light Sheep Cheese contains only 12% fat. It is produced by 100% sheep’s & goat’s milk.

Goat Cheese

Produced from 100% of organic goats’s milk.

Feta with herbs

Delicately flavored feta cheese, marinated with oregano, thyme, or a combination of oregano and thyme.