Cheese dairy

Our cheese dairy has a production capacity of 5500 tonnes per year, is a new built one built with the latest up-to-day technology and it is characterized by it’s fully protected and sterile environment

  • Digital recording, monitoring and control of all aspects of the production process and packaging
  • Automating the entire production
  • A fully equipped laboratory for chemical analysis and self maintenance
  • Infrastructure of environmental protection
  • Fully specialized scientific staff

Philosophy Familyfarm

High quality, with respect to the end consumer – tradition.
Restrict rules and principles at all stages of production from field to end product – restrict compliance with all rules and regulations in all production stages for the protection and promotion of human health and physiology – integrated management for environmental protection, incorporation of new technology to history and tradition of Familyfarm.

Quality Standards

Familyfarm implements continuous training program every six months for all employees in production and administration departments. With this continuous training of human resources we ensure the quality of our products.
We always achieve high standards of performance so we can ensure the safety of our consumers, a high level of hygiene, environmental protection and high quality.